April 17, 2020
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1. Pray in faith. Believe that God hears prayer, as much and more than you can imagine or desire. Prayer works. Prayer gives God a reason to act. God wants reasons to act!

2. Pray fervently. Afflict your soul. Humble your heart. Come into his presence with reverence. Pour out your heart to him. Give him your grief, and he will bear your burden. Pray the more fervently the more you suffer.

3. Pray in righteousness. Do not come before him with an evil heart. Confess your sins. Acknowledge your shortcomings. Do not keep back from him either your soul, but put away wickedness from your heart.

4. Always seek a higher degree of sanctification. However fervently you pray, pray more fervently still.

5. Pray always. Have this mindset within you. Let your eyes always be looking toward God.

6. Pray in all things, by measure, and in proportion. As you are always in his presence, so let every need and desire be subjected to his sovereign care, that his work may be perfected in you.

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